SCULPTURES“I am a sculptor.  I heat and form metal until it emulates expressions of human relationships.  When heated, metal is very forgiving, which is why I choose it as a medium.   Through art, I explore humanity.  In particular, the ways in  which we are drawn together” Boris Kramer was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in  1969.  His father, Richard Kramer, was an artist and  blacksmith.  Boris first learned about metal and art through his father.  After completing post graduate studies in Fine Arts and Renaissance History, he committed hisfuture to art.  For Boris, art must touch not just the mindbut the heart also.Boris’ sculptures have a home in numerous corporate and private collections and can be found in the many galleries around the world that carry Kramer Sculptures Celebrities who own a Kramersculpture (from the top left):Victor Borge, Harry Belafonte,Kenny Rogers, Princess Margaret,Gerald Ford, Jean Chretien,Pierre Trudeau, Nana Mouskouri,and Billy Graham.DESIGNING AND MAKING THE SCULPTURESEach sculpture is hand formed, using methods bothmodern and ancient blacksmithing.  No two piecesare alike.  Sizes range from 10 inches to monumental.Special requests are welcome, such as specificconfigurations of family, or an addition to yourexisting family sculpture.Boris Kramer makes works of art that generatean emotional response.  Whether indoor or outdoor, they continue to make an impact inprivate and corporate settings.